Your home, much like life, is a series of evolutions and special moments. It doesn’t stay the same forever as it adjusts to your current lifestyle. If you’re looking to improve the look and feel of your home, we have a list of six AHI home improvement Adelaide tips and tricks that are minor but can really provide value and impact to your home.


1.) Restyle Your Bookcase

Sometimes, changing something as random as a bookshelf can create a world of difference. Strip off those garish dust jackets, assemble an array of beautiful like-coloured objects, and paint the back wall of the shelf with something that’s a calm shade to make everything pop.


2.) Wrap Books in Shining Marbleized Paper

Who says the bookcase is the only one that gets an upgrade? You can also beautify your books, with shiny and colourful wraps in shining marbleized paper. These particular papers are available at different arts and craft stores.


3.) Good Lighting Makes All the Difference

Merely changing your old light fixtures with new, energy-saving LED ones can go a long way in terms of showcasing your interior design. Keep in mind that this home update doesn’t require an electrician. All you need are new light bulbs and a couple of lamps, and you’re all set.


4.) Change Your Cabinet Handles With Knobs that Will Wow You

You don’t have to remove an entire cabinet to update it. Sometimes, all you need is to change its design. You can begin with changing the door handles with updates knobs that have contemporary designs.


5.) Create a Collage Wall

A room that features a lot of pictures hanging on the wall is lovely. But if you want to make it more delightful, you should collect all of the photos inside your house and hang them all in a giant blank wall to create a collage. That way, people can appreciate the aesthetics, plus you will get a statement wall where you can hang any picture that you have and not have them hanging randomly at any spot inside your house.


6.) Paint Your Ceiling

You can also choose to paint your ceiling with something that will wow not only you but your guests as well. Keep in mind that your ceiling is a blank canvas waiting for you to do something about it. The sky’s the limit when it comes to painting your walls, so make sure you take advantage of that opportunity.



By following these six simple AHI home improvement Adelaide tips and tricks, you will surely enhance the overall look of your home without having to commit to a full renovation. For more home improvement articles, subscribe to our blog page.