No matter how beautiful and attractive your custom made timber furniture Adelaide are, it will still succumb to natural wear and tear. Once that happens, you need to find a way to maintain its beauty. Once your furniture starts to deteriorate, it’s up to you to save it so that you can still enjoy its services. Fortunately, we’ve rounded out some useful tips on how you should maintain your custom made timber furniture:


Dust It Well


Ever wondered why your timber furniture is no longer sparkling like it used to? That’s because it’s covered in thick dust particles. Wipe out the dust and make sure that your timber furniture stays clean and bright. Use a soft, dry cotton cloth to wipe away any dirt. If you can do this regularly – like a bi-monthly basis, then your furniture will always look great no matter how old it is.


Avoid Overexposure to Sunlight


Be extra careful about exposing your wooden furniture to sunlight for prolonged periods. Doing so will potentially result in ‘spotting,’ a phenomenon where bright and dark spots appear across the cross-section. On a wooden table, use a tablecloth to mitigate its effects effectively.


Be Mindful of the Temperature


Avoid using very hot and cold objects on your custom furniture for better appearance and hassle-free maintenance. These elements tend to leave an impression that may alter the original texture of your furniture’s surface. If you are going to use hot and cold objects onto your wooden furniture, make sure that the exposure is limited to permissible time intervals and not for too long.


Wax and Oil Regularly


Waxing and oiling your wooden furniture is highly recommended since it provides a shiny varnish to it while adding a protective coating to enliven its overall appearance. If you have the time, try waxing and oiling your custom made timber furniture Adelaide at least once in three months.



Use Warm Water


When you’re planning to clean your timber furniture with water, make sure that it’s warm. Pair it with mild soap to clean the surface. Be careful not to soak it in water for extended periods. You only have to rinse it with water until the dust is removed completely, which will only take a few wipes.


These maintenance tips will help make sure your custom made timber furniture Adelaide is well maintained and will last longer. Get more tips and expert advice about furniture maintenance when you subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Fresh content is sent to you via email every month. Sign up today.