Most people try their best to see a dentist twice a year. And while each visit may seem routine, not all dental clinics are the same. Some clinics offer more specialised services, while others provide the essential dental services. Here are the differences in the services dental clinics offer.

General Dentistry

Many dental clinics practice general dentistry, which means that they have only the necessary equipment to handle a wide array of patients and general dental problems. These professional dentists have been in dental school but did not proceed to specialise in a particular area. Most dentists who practice general dentistry offer annual cleanings, fillings, and other necessary dentistry procedures.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry practitioners specialise in working with children’s teeth. These professionals have been trained not just about dental procedures, but also about how to calm young patients who are usually afraid of the dentist. They have a specialty when it comes to handling children dental issues and complicated dentistry problems.

Sedation Dentistry

Not everyone loves visiting a dentist. Sedation dentistry clinics offer sedation services for patients. Patients come in and are sedated to ease the process for both the patient and the dentist. It’s dentistry that is ideal for those with extreme anxiety about visits or those that need extensive work that may take a few hours.

Periodontal Disease Care

Most dentists can diagnose periodontal disease, but not all can treat it. Many general dentistry practitioners refer patients with severe cases of periodontal disease to a specialist. A periodontal disease clinic, patients can receive personalised care and heal faster. Some of these services may include scaling, deep cleaning, gingivitis treatment, and recurrent office visits.

Old Age Dental Specialist

Some dentists prefer to work with the aged clients. As we grow old, our health declines, and in most cases, that includes dental health. Dentists who specialise in aged care have different practices and techniques. They may repair cracked teeth, decaying gums and treat teeth discolouration.

Oral Surgery

Oral specialists start out in dental school and then advance to specialise in dental surgery. Oral surgery professionals are those who practice wisdom root canals, teeth removal, and removal of impacted teeth.

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