Drafting services remain an integral part in the construction and manufacturing industries. While new techniques and approaches like Computer Aided Design (CAD) Drafting have emerged onto the scene, there’s still something about the significance of architectural drafting done by hand.


Design management companies like Drafting Services – Dimension.design offer traditional drafting services. While CAD drafting provides automation and a lot of quirky features, many firms still rely heavily on manual drafting due to the benefits that it can also bring.



Here are five benefits of manual drafting services that you need to know:


1.) Work is Original & Genuine

There’s just nothing like drafting using your bare hands. Before CAD came along, most architects, engineers, and drafters face their drawing boards with their drafting tools to create something original and genuine. Traditional drafting ensures that the work is unique and not like any other.


2.) Lower Cost of Drawing Equipment

Another clear-cut advantage of manual drafting over CAD drafting is the overall cost of the drawing equipment needed. All you need is a proper drafting table, a pencil with an eraser, rulers, a T-square, a compass, a straightedge, some triangles, and French curves to get things done. All of this equipment when totalled are much cheaper than a complete CAD Drafting package.



3.) No Technological Requirement Needed

Unlike the CAD version of drafting, manual drafting services don’t need cutting-edge state-of-the-art technology to get your drafting project done. The manual approach makes drafting less complicated than it already is, allowing drafters to focus more on creating unique designs straight to heavy paper instead if relying on drafting software to create a plan that’s mostly generic and unspecial.


4.) No Additional Training Required

While CAD drafting requires drafters to study and learn a new medium of drafting, manual drafting has no such requirements other than what you get at drafting school. Even in the modern age, schools still teach manual drafting. If you want to learn CAD, you will be required additional training, which is not necessary if all you want is to deliver high-quality drafting services.


5.) No Annual Subscriptions

When you go for CAD drafting, you will be required to subscribe to an Annual subscription plan to some of the software and online tools. Besides, CAD operators would need to undergo specialised training. Manual drafting doesn’t have to worry about all of that. Although it’s a lot more effort compared to CAD, manual drafting can save you from the added expenses and training that are not necessary if all you want is to deliver quality drafts to your clients.


Nothing beats manual drafting on any given circumstance. We do have to acknowledge CAD as a growingly popular medium of drafting due to its convenience. But after everything is said and done, manual drafting still takes the cake. So if you’re looking to get the best drafting services, you can reach out to reliable firms like Drafting Services – Dimension.design.