Buying or replacing your AC unit is a significant decision as air conditioners are not only long-term investments but also very expensive. When it comes to split AC units, these are the ideal choice for indoor areas with no windows. They will keep your space cool, and you will find summer months more fun as you will not have to bear the hot temperatures. However, buying LG split system air conditioner is not easy, and there are things you need to consider before making a purchase.


Types of Split AC Units


While there are four types of split air conditioners which include cassette, wall mounted, floor-mounted and portable, the cassette and wall mounted air conditioners are the most common. The wall mounted split AC units are suitable for home use while the cassette AC units are ideal for commercial spaces. Therefore, if you are getting a split AC unit for your home, you can always go for the wall-mounted variety. However, for more options, you can consult an AC expert.



Determining the Tonnage


You need to determine the tonnage of the split AC unit that you’re planning to purchase. This depends on many factors which include floor type, room area, etc. For instance, 1000 cubic feet volume requires 1 tonne of capacity. As a standard, the 1.5 ton split air conditioner is the most chosen capacity as it serves everyone’s purpose, and so you can never go wrong with this option.



When it comes to buying an LG split system air conditioner, you need to keep your budget in mind. When considering your budget, you need to factor in the cost of the AC unit, the installation cost, as well as the running cost. Since there are always options for every budget, you need not to stretch your budget harm other projects that you may be intending to do. However, be ready to pay a little bit more for an AC unit that will stand the test of time and give you value for your money.



Star Ratings


Do not be like many shoppers who pay more attention to the cost of the AC unit and forget the importance of carbon footprint and running costs. Different AC units have different efficiency. Those with high power consumption tend to be cheap to lure buyers. To be safe, you can get an LG split system air conditioner. LG makes the best AC units regarding features, functionality, durability, affordability and also star rating. Therefore, you will get a quality AC unit an affordable price with no compromise on the running costs. However, be sure to order from reliable stores to be sure you are getting authentic products.