Weighted blankets are the newest craze in today’s generation. Many people are jumping into the bandwagon of this fantastic product due to the health benefits that they offer. But how much knowledge do you have about weighted blankets? From easing the symptoms of mental illnesses like autism to treating sleeping disorders like insomnia, weighted blankets can do it all. But that’s all smart talk. We want to hear the opinions of other people about this product. Here’s a list of comprehensive weighted blanket Australia reviews to know the consensus of the masses about weighted blankets. Here’s what they have to say:


“They Solved My Sleeping Problem” – Anonymous, 36


I have been dealing with insomnia all my life. I’ve gotten used to having difficulties sleeping and abruptly waking up at night. It came to a point where it already becomes second nature to me. But then I came across weighted blankets – that’s when my life changed for the better. It feels like a giant teddy bear hugging you. It makes me feel cozy and comfortable during the night. I’ve been using it for almost two years now, and it has dramatically improved my quality of sleep. I’m going to use it forever.


“It Helped Manage My Son’s Autism” – Bryan, 42


Little Timmy was just three years old when he was diagnosed with Autism. It was frustrating because he was such a bright young boy and we loved him dearly. We understood that there was no cure for Autism, so we accepted reality and decided to support Timmy as much as possible. We looked for various treatments that might help him ease his disorder. We found out about weighted blankets and decided to give it a try. Who would’ve known that a simple fabric such as this one can help manage my son’s disorder? Ever since using a weighted blanket, we noticed a drastic improvement in his behaviour. His impulses lowered, and he now listens to what we say. We owe his improvement a lot to weighted blankets. It’s the best.



“It Cured My Anxiety!” – Tina, 19


I started suffering from Anxiety during my freshman year in college. The university atmosphere was so new to me that it later affected my health. I had a hard time sleeping at night because of it. I didn’t mind it at first since Anxiety is a quite common illness. But it later got worse, so I looked for different ways to treat my anxiety. I stumbled upon a weighted blanket in the department store. The sales person told me everything about it, so I said, ‘why not?’ I tried it and never regretted making the switch ever since. It cured my anxiety, and I’ve never used any other type of blanket since then.


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