When it comes to contemporary buildings in both residential and commercial standpoint, aluminium windows and doors are a hot topic. For instance, aluminium screen doors offer a slim, streamlined aesthetic that significantly makes them an ideal choice for contemporary design. Thus, if you want to improve the level of security in your building including its insulation or aesthetics, aluminium screen doors Adelaide is your perfect choice to achieve your goal.

  • They come with incredibly slim frames and maximum glass.

Since aluminium features an extraordinary strength, you will no longer need more materials in the frame to hold the glass in place. Due to this, narrower frame profiles can now be freely designed to have sleeker and slimmer lines that will feature a more streamlined overall aesthetic that will fit perfectly to your home.

The aluminium screen door that has sleek designs provides an understated frame to your outdoors. Homeowners can get windows and doors that compromise top-hung, horizontal sliding and side hung windows, sliding and fold-a-side doors, and a more range of complementary side lights that has optimum design versatility that will blend to the design of your home.



  • What you get is robustness and durability in one.

Since aluminium consists of robust properties, it is incredibly unaffected by harsh UV rays. They will not rot, rust or bend making it the ideal investment for your home that will last the test time. Aside from that, you will save more of your precious time and money since your aluminium screen doors are free from any maintenance. Regular cleaning is already enough to keep its look good as new.

Since aluminium can handle damp, rain and harsh sunlight exceptionally well, this is the best material suited for Australia that experiences all harsh climates. It won’t warp, crack, discolour, rot or rust. Also, aluminium screen doors Adelaide come with fireproof properties. It means that aluminium is the best investment to upgrade the security of your home.


  • You get them with premium quality finishes.

You will no longer need to paint your aluminium screen doors since it already has a sleek powder coat finish that offers superb longevity. One of the perks of aluminium screen doors it its sympathy towards the environment. To prevent from damaging our eco-system they use powder coating instead of the anodised layer which is widely used by some other types of window and door aluminium which is harmful to the environment.


  • They promote energy efficiency.

Your house will now become warmer during winter days and cooler in the summer season with the help of aluminium screen doors. Since aluminium is light, malleable and easy to work with, both its doors and windows can provide high levels of wind-, water- and air-tightness that will result to high in-house energy efficiency which will lower your energy bills in the long run.