We can think of a multitude of reasons why retaining walls are so prevalent in both residential and commercial landscaping. A retaining wall gives homeowners the chance to add beautiful stonework and hardscaping into the area, allowing you to transform your landscape into beautiful tiers around central features. However, one of the most critical purposes is their ability to save yard by preventing floods and soil erosion from ruining your landscaping. So, if you’re looking to build a retaining wall right now, you should know the different types of the best retaining walls Barmera. It will give you an idea of what you should build for your property. Listed below are three of the most common types of retaining walls that you should consider.



Gravity Retaining Wall

The gravity retaining wall is the most basic variant of them all. It uses sheer weight and mass to hold the soil and keep it at bay. Since it’s all about its weight, the gravity retaining wall allows for the broadest amount of variety when it comes to materials that you can use to build it. Pavers, bricks, and unmortared stones are just a few options available for you. There’s a multitude more that you can discover by clicking this link. Among these materials, the dry-stacked stone seems to be a common choice. While shorter walls need no additional reinforcement, most retaining walls will need at least a small trench. It creates a solid foundation.


Cantilevered Retaining wall

One of the best retaining walls Barmera is the cantilevered retaining wall. It makes use of a training wall that’s affixed to a slab foundation at goes under the soil that it’s supporting in an “L-shaped” manner. The weight of the soil above hold the slab in place so that the wall will not tip forward. This style is favoured in the commercial retaining walls for its extreme durability and strength. Additionally, it also includes additional vertical wings to the foundation that provides extra strength and rigidity.


Sheet Piling Retaining Wall

Finally, we have the sheet piling retaining wall – a fundamental kind of wall that’s usually used when space is a challenge. A sheet pile retaining wall is thin, made of steel, vinyl, or wood that’s driven into the soil. Often, the best retaining walls Barmera have a vertically corrugated structure, providing additional reinforcement. These pilings only work in softer soils. Here’s a good rule of thumb: you must get one-third of the sheet piling dug into the ground for every two-thirds that are above it. That way, it has a solid foundation that will support the overall durability of the wall despite its thin frame.