We’re still halfway through the year, but we’re already looking way ahead in the field of web design. Because having a well-made website is such an essential aspect of successful online marketing, you need to recognise the latest trends and apply these critical tips to be able to stay relevant and keep attracting people. So for the remaining months of the year leading to 2019, here are some tips that you should incorporate to achieve success.



1.) Make Use Of Style Guides


In the world of publishing, style guides exist and are making a name for themselves. They come in the form of either large books or documents that most media publications follow to keep a uniform style throughout their content. Style guides include different kinds of elements, including labels and written numbers.


The best website design Adelaide can create its style guide to promote uniqueness and ensure that the website they are building has uniform styles throughout all of its pages.


2.) Sidebars Are Obsolete


best website design adelaideSidebars were meant to add some usability for a site by displaying additional navigational elements (e.g., links, recent posts, and other favourite content). In the beginning, people were enthusiastic about them, but they create too much noise and clutter that sidebars have become out-of-date. ModernWeb designare now pointing at cleaner and more precise designs that are straightforward and easy to navigate. You should also follow this trend as you move forward with your desire for digital presence.


3.) Use larger Font Sizes For Important Content


Big typography isn’t new, yet is still and will always be a significant trend to practice in 2019 and beyond. The reason for this is because of its capabilities of attracting people’s attention right away. That’s why you should incorporate large fonts on your headlines and other valuable content on your site. Just make sure you use a clear, readable, and web-friendly typeface that scales well.


4.) Create More Space


Remember why sidebars are not a thing of the past? It’s because they create clutter on your site. Having too much unnecessary elements can potentially distract a site’s visitors and make it appear complicated to understand. That’s why you need to make your design as simple and straightforward as possible, while also creating more space for your audience to “move around,” so to speak. The best website design Adelaide should feature the least amount of elements on each page of a site, and only focusing on the most relevant features.


Dominate In The Years To Come


Time flies fast. We might not notice that it’s already 2019. That’s why you need to look forward to the future and make the necessary adjustments as early as you can. These four trends are relevant in today’s web design trends and will undoubtedly carry over next year and in the years to come. Take advantage of them! Start now!