All You Need to Know about Ducted Heating

Ducted heating is hot air circulating through the floors and walls of your house through ducts, hence the name. However, let’s get more information on ducted heating.

The fresh air is sucked into the home through a fan, similar to a regular AC unit. It is then passed over a heat exchanger powered by a furnace. This furnace is heated using liquid petroleum gas or natural gas and is located on the roof of the house or outside, but can be stored in a cupboard. From the furnace, the now warm air is then sent through ducts that are installed either on the roof or floor. Ducts or the vents called ‘registers’ are set up on the floor or ceiling and provide an opening for the warm air to go into the rooms of the house. The air inside the home is then recirculated back via the return air grilles back to the furnace when it is heated, and the process is repeated.

Ducted heating is among the oldest types of boilers, harking back to the ancient times. The system of circulating hot air through a home using ducts means that it can be used for cooling as well. With add-on cooling, the addition of a condenser and evaporator can use the same system to regulate cooling air circulating through your home.

Just like many products, ducted heating systems are continually being improved, the industry standard jumping forward in leaps. If your house has a ducted heating system built before 2000, it is time to have the system replaced with a newer model. The costs saved on energy alone will pay for the new system, which will be more efficient and will last longer than the old model.

Making sure that your ducted heating system is correctly running is very important. If ducts run through the roof, the registers should be located in the centre of the roof to allow them filter through the room efficiently. Similarly, if the ducts are running underfoot, then the registers on the floor needs to be near the outside walls of the home. This help forces the air towards the inside for better circulation before the air is then taken back to the furnace.

Many modern ducted heating systems have an inbuilt zoning function that allows you to control the level of airflow in each room. This ensures that all rooms in the house are heated.

Now, as seen above, the ducted heating is not a complicated system and is very useful when it comes to home heating. Therefore, it is time to have your old system replaced with a new one, and if you did not have the system before, you need to get one installed. For the best results, consider ducted heating – by They are reputable dealers when it comes to home air conditioning and has exceptional skills and products when it comes to home heating. They source their gas heating system from the best dealers and gives a warranty on the products supplied. What more is that they offer installation services which makes them a one-stop shop when thinking of home heating and cooling. See their site for more info.