A lot of Aussie homeowners are starting to discover why glass louvres Melbourne is the best choice of windows at home. Made from horizontal slats or blades, these windows are ideal for maximum aesthetic appeal and protection. While the most common type of louvre today is the aluminium variant – with wood coming in at second – glass louvres are also gaining some traction and are starting to get some attention from the masses.


Louvre window blades are angles or slated in a matter where they can allow for the entrance of air and light, all while keeping out the harsh rain and sunlight. To adjust and alter the position of the blades, use the handle or lever. If you’re strongly considering glass louvres Melbourne for your windows, here are some benefits that will entice you more:


Benefits of Glass Louvre Windows


If you choose glass louvres Melbourne, expect the following benefits:


A Much Wider Opening Capacity


With a glass louvre, you can open your window on a much broader scale compared to standard windows. This feature will allow maximum airflow to enter your home for more ventilation during hot weathers.


Fully-adjustable Blades


The adjustable louvres will enable you to manage and control the amount and intensity or the breeze that you want. The airflow coming inside your home is controlled by adjusting and modifying the louvre blades. For the most potent cooling effects, slightly tilt the slats in an upward position, directing the cold air to the ceiling and covering the entire room with coolness.


Low-maintenance Needs


Louvre windows are known for their easy and low-maintenance needs, and glass variants are no different. It’s simpler to clean than other types of windows. All you need to do is have a damp cloth and clean both sides, and that’s it! You’re all done. It’s the most convenient type of window that you’ll love!



When it comes to the best windows, you need to give glass louvres Melbourne a try. It’s a different kind of window that gives you a whole new experience when it comes to convenience and beauty. Most windows nowadays are too sophisticated when it comes to their functionalities. A louvre is different, in that it doesn’t need much and doesn’t take much to function adequately. So if you’re searching for the best window out there right now, switch to louvre windows today and experience all of the benefits that it provides.