With the number of individuals wanting to live in Adelaide, South Australia, lands are becoming smaller and narrower by the day. It’s a pretty common theme to see narrow home designs Adelaide. People have adopted the slim home living and embraced it with open arms. The reason is not that they are forced to, but because narrow home designs bring a lot of benefits to the table. Here are three of the most common advantages of narrow homes that you should know:


1.) Affordability

The most apparent benefit of having a small but tall house is the amount of savings you’re going to get out of it. Ideally, small lot equals small price tag. That means you’re not only getting an ideal home to live in, but you’re also saving massive amounts of money. It gives you the opportunity to use your savings to upgrade your home through purchasing multiple appliances that you’ve long been wanting to buy.



Have you always wanted to own that plasma TV you see in the department store? Have you ever wanted to replace that old air conditioning system you have? Do you want to remodel and customise your room? Well, now you can! By choosing a small home, you can add some more perks to your home through the savings you’re going to get out of it.


2.) The Opportunity to Get Creative

A common misconception when we talk about choosing a house is that ‘the bigger, the better.’ However, this isn’t the case, as a small home can still look elegant with the right design. Take narrow houses as a good example. They may look small and limited, but if you incorporate quality designs and finishes, it will turn out to be stylish and artsy. The unique shape of a tightly sized home will automatically attract any passersby and will even make your residence popular in your neighbourhood. The only thing you need is creativity and the smarts needed to come up with a quirky plan that stands out from the rest. Abandon the old ‘big is better’ mentality and embrace the innovative uniqueness of ‘small and stylish.’



3.) Low Maintenance Needs

Narrow homes require minor maintenance compared to larger homes. It means fewer chores for you like gardening and cleaning. With a thin house, you can enjoy your weekends and holidays doing the things you love rather than being stuck doing household chores. Also, you can use your free time and your saved money to go on a relaxing vacation of your choice.


With narrow home designs Adelaide, you can enjoy the benefits of affordability, Creativity, and low maintenance needs. So, if you’re looking to acquire a home of your own, give a narrow home a try and see how much it will benefit you and your lifestyle.