If you are thinking of making round bales, what should you use – a net wrap or twine? Although this can depend on personal preference, using the net cover offers you more benefits. For example, when you use the net wrap Adelaide, you enjoy faster baling, better bale integrity during transport, lower outdoor storage losses, and better water shedding ability.

Faster baling

When it comes to baling, only one to two and a half turns are required to wrap a bale using the net wrap. A machine set to use net covers can create more bales than when you use twine. This speeds up the bailing process allowing more work to be done when the weather is conducive. Using net wrap also saves on labour and fuel as the work is done faster. Improved productivity is the main benefit of net wrap balers, particularly for the large-scale farmers.

Reduced baling losses

Since you’re spinning the bale few times in the chamber when wrapping with net wrap, there is less leaf loss dropping out of the baler.

Reduced outdoor storage losses

Outdoor hay storage always results in huge spoilage. Storing hay in a shaded area is recommended but not possible at all times especially for the large-scale farmers that need to preserve loads of animal feeds. The reality is that there is always many bales stored outside uncovered. The net wrap has a great water shedding ability which makes it a good choice.

Other advantages

If you decide to sell hay, the net wrapped bales have a good aesthetical appeal and marketability, and more so the cover-edge net wrap. The net-covered feeds have better bale integrity during transportation. This is particularly true with the round bales of chopped straw. Therefore with net wrapped animal feeds, you are sure to find a market for the hay, and you will profit, and the money can be used for other activities on the farm.

Just like other products in the market, many dealers in the market sell net wrap products. However, not all products can meet the minimum standards and therefore if you are not careful, you may end up purchasing poor quality net wrap and will not serve the intended purpose. To be sure that you get a quality net wrap Adelaide, consider only buying from reliable and reputable suppliers.

If you do not know which supplier to trust, you can ask other livestock farmers of a supplier they had used before and delivered quality products. However, even if you miss getting a referral, make use of online sources, and you will find the best net wrap dealers. Also, before you order, ensure they can deliver to your location.