Are you experiencing technical difficulties with your garage door? Can’t roll the doors up? Stuck in the middle of the night? Worry no more! Garage Roller Door Repairs & Maintenance Adelaide experts can fix the problem in no time!


Whether you need to get the stuck door out of the way or you just need some reliable cleaning services, your Adelaide pros can handle the task. Here are some of the more common roller door issues your expert can fix.


  1. Cable and Pulley Problems


Sometimes, the cables and pulleys of your garage doors can break down. To make sure this is the issue, your Roller Door Repairs & Maintenance Adelaide team will inspect if there are signs of wearing out. Damaged pulleys will ultimately be replaced, but simple problems can be fixed in no time.


  1. Hardware Tightening


At some point in the life of your roller doors, some nuts and brackets may come loose. This is the most common problem that homeowners experience with garage doors. Pros in the field will assess the matter and determine whether there is a problem with the assembly of your doors or some bolts need to be tightened.


If tightening is required, it will be accomplished soon enough. However, if the roller doors show signs of incorrect assembly, your repair team needs to take down the entire garage door and re-assemble the parts.


  1. Cleaning and Lubricating


You need to set a routine inspection with your repair experts to make sure the tracks aren’t blocked, or built-up dust is removed. Sometimes, built-up dirt can harden and block the tracks of your roller doors. Your expert team will first clean the tracks and lubricate the rollers and axles to make sure your doors function as expected.


  1. Auto-reverse Problems


If your garage roller doors don’t automatically roll up when an obstacle is on its way, there is a problem with the auto-reverse feature. Your maintenance team will first determine if the problem is with the obstacle or the auto-reverse function so they can resolve the issue.


  1. Noise


When a roller door makes a lot of noise, some parts may need to be replaced. On the other hand, the doors may only need some cleaning. Depending on the root of the problem, your repair experts will fix your noisy garage doors.


Roller doors can pose a safety risk to your family and car or motorcycle if problems aren’t fixed promptly. Always consult with your garage door repairs team in case you notice even the smallest issues. Getting to the bottom of the problem early on will prevent bigger damage in the future.