Are you organising an outdoor event? If so, then a marquee might have crossed your mind once – maybe twice. It’s a versatile tent-like structure that provides a lot of convenience and functionality to your event. Whether you’re hosting an upcoming wedding, birthday party, team building event, or a simple family get together, you’ll get a lot of value from using a marquee. However, the question that’s been lingering in your mind is whether you’re going to choose a SA marquee hire or settle with purchasing one instead. Both options have their exclusive perks and benefits. However, in this article, we’ll be focusing on why hiring a marquee is better than purchasing one for your event.

It’s the Cheaper Option

Renting a marquee is better than buying one. That’s for sure. Currently, hiring a marquee for one-time use will cost you up to $150 for a marquee that can hold up to 50 guests, and $350 for up to 150 guests. Compare it to the $990 price tag of a brand new marquee and you can see why renting is the better and more cost-effective option. With marquee hire, installation is already part of the package, so you’re getting two benefits in one payment that’s a fraction of the cost to buying a new marquee that doesn’t even offer installation services.


No Storage Woes

When you choose to rent a marquee, you won’t have to worry about where to store it once your event is over. Keep in mind that a marquee is a significantly big tent. So if you plan to buy one, you need to secure a big storage space first. With SA marquee hire, the supplier will come to you and install the marquee as part of the service. After your event, they will also be responsible for collecting your marquee. That way, you won’t have any additional hassle that will stress you out after your event.


Free Installation Service

We’ve mentioned this a couple of times throughout the article, but we want to give it some more emphasis since it does offer some additional convenience. With SA marquee hire, you’ll have a team that will come over to install your marquee for you. Take note that a marquee may be easy to install. But if you’re not used to installing one, it will become a challenge. By renting a marquee, you’ll have a dedicated team who will help you with the installation process to ensure a hassle-free preparation.



So as you can see, hiring a marquee is better than buying one. So if you’re planning an upcoming outdoor event, make sure you rent one right now. Visit our website now or call our hotline to make a reservation on one of our high-quality marquees.