Producing feeds for livestock animal is a tedious process. Farmers use various methods that will help preserve their silage. As a result, it will turn into fresh and healthy animal feed, which is also known as fodder. In bale wrapping your silage, a traditional way that has stood the test of time yet is still relevant today are the silage covers. Made specifically for storing silage bales, it’s a durable rope that performs well and can provide farmers with the best fodder due to their superb wrapping.


When it comes to quality bale wrapping, nothing comes close to a silage cover. That’s why it’s trendy and in-demand in the Australian agricultural industry. Most Aussie farmers use this material for wrapping their silages nice and tight. It’s essential that you’re aware of the importance that silage covers provide. Here are two reasons why silage covers are the number one option in bale wrapping.


Fewer Spoils

Silage bale wrapping is a very delicate process. It requires the gentlest hands and the best bale wrapping product to work as silages become exposed to foreign bodies the moment they are harvested from the fields. That’s why they need to be stored right away to lock in freshness. Not being careful with this process will result in more waste than what was desired. That’s why you need to make sure that only the best quality bale wrap. There’s nothing that’s as effective as the traditional silage cover. It’s been used since the ‘80s and continues to be relevant today.


Silage covers are made from premium-quality materials and contain different elements that help it protect and preserve your silages. It ensures that no moisture enters your silages bales. That way, the result will be 100% fresh fodder for your animals. What’s more, is that you’re guaranteed fewer spoils compared to using other baling materials.



Cost-effective Option

You also need to know the fact that a silage cover is a less expensive option compared to other variants like a net wrap or a bale wrap. However, silage covers are still among the most effective options for bale wrapping. So not only are you getting a quality bale wrapping product, but it’s also less expensive as well. With that said, there’s no reason for you not to continue using silage covers as they’re available any time for a much lesser price compared to other bale wraps.


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