Every time you cut trees, you tend to neglect the tree stumps that are left behind since it looks harmless. However, did you know that immediate removal of a tree stump is essential? Aside from the fact that it damages the appeal of your yard, they also can cause numerous hazards that could affect you and anyone who comes near them. If you are still confused whether you should have a tree stump removal Western Sydney, then it is high time that you read this article and learn of the reasons why you should invest in it.

1 – They destroy the look of your yard.

The truth is that a tree stump will ruin the aesthetic beauty of your yard. It will make your garden look unkempt. Aside from that, the value of your property will lessen since no one wants to buy a house that has an unpleasant stump in it.

2 – Stumps are a tripping hazard.

Removing old tree stumps in your yard is necessary especially if you now have many kids or you want to make your home safe for everyone, including your pets. Tree stumps are very dangerous specifically to young kids since they love running and playing around the yard without looking where they are going. Plus, your guests and visitors may even trip over the stump. Also, tree stumps will trouble not only you and your family but also your equipment. There are small tree stumps that may break your machine once you hit them accidentally while cleaning your yard.

3 – The presence of stumps will make gardening and mowing a challenge.

Tree stumps can also make your task harder than usual. For instance, if you are mowing or weeding your yard, a tree stump can be a total nuisance that will annoy and make your work more troublesome.

4 – A tree stump leads to new tree growth.

If the tree stumps in your yard are still present, it may produce a new tree growth. You may notice some tiny trees starting to grow around it sooner or later that will surely make your yard unappealing and less attractive since it will look untidy. Aside from that, tree stumps absorb nutrients from plants nearby. So, if you ever wonder why your beautiful plants are not blooming or growing anymore even if you are watering it every single day, then blame it on the tree stumps.

5 – They attract insects.

Lastly, insects are attracted to tree stumps. Since it takes a long time before a decaying tree to decompose, they become an ideal place for insects and pests to live and breed. So, if you do not want those pests to find their way to your home, invest in tree stump removal Western Sydney.